3 Reasons to Hire a Freelance Marketer for Your Small Business

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

Every business knows that marketing is paramount to its success. Even as a small-scale business, you need to allocate a certain budget and tap resources for your digital marketing. Even so, you may not have all the time and resources to pull off successful marketing. As you can’t just ignore marketing for your small business that ought to grow and expand, hiring a freelance marketer is a viable solution.

A freelance marketer can step in to do the job for you and fill in the gap in your marketing. He or she is an expert in the industry who can employ various digital marketing strategies depending on what your business needs and what works for you. Whether it’s a web design, content creation, SEO, or PPC, a freelance marketer can make a difference in your promoting your business.

If you need more convincing, here are three valuable reasons you should hire a freelance marketer for your small business:

1. They do the work you can’t

Small businesses are confronted with limitations in terms of financial, technological, and human resources. The chances are that you’re more focused on the basic functions of your business—and so are your limited employees. However, you can’t just ignore your marketing endeavours. In fact, marketing is all the more crucial as you’re just starting to grow your business and build your empire.

The more practical solution for small businesses is to hire a freelance marketer to do your digital marketing. Freelance marketers have the knowledge, skills, and expertise in areas such as branding, copywriting, and even video editing! Your hired marketer will be able to make a valuable contribution to the success of your business.

2. They think like your customers

As a small business owner, it’s common to feel the need to ensure that every aspect of your business is perfect. You want to create a unique brand, a stand-out website, and effective products or services. However, the bulk of your time should be put into reaching out to your regular and potential customers rather than your branding and other small time-consuming jobs you have little or no experience in.

Fortunately, digital marketing professionals will take the time-consuming tasks of graphic design, video editing, copywriting, and more out of your hands while helping you meet the needs of your customers. This means that before they pull off any digital marketing strategies, they will see what your target market needs. Your hired marketer will conduct research and perform due diligence before executing any marketing plans and tactics. By having customers in mind, your digital marketing will be more effective.

3. They prioritise your marketing needs

As a small business owner, marketing is probably not your top priority. You will be more concerned with developing and selling your products or services. Still, digital marketing is a complex process that entails an order of priority.

By hiring a freelance marketer, you can ensure that your digital marketing implementation will be more streamlined and structured. Whether it’s website creation, content production, email marketing, or social media marketing, your hired marketer will know what to prioritise.


Hiring a freelance marketer can be extremely beneficial for your small-scale business. He or she can help find your business voice, build your brand, and target your ideal customers. Meanwhile, you can focus more on your core competency, which is to grow your business. Whether you’re looking for specific services like copywriting and editing or an all-around digital marketing expert, finding the right marketer is imperative for the overall success of your business.

We are a small-business-friendly digital marketing agency in the UK that will help you connect with highly-skilled, vetted freelance marketing experts. If you need help with your digital marketing, get in touch with us today to see how we can help.

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