3 Steps to Creating Engaging Instructional Content - Our Guide

Content is kingas Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates once said.

Engaging content makes wonders for your business. It helps you captivate your target market, encourages conversions, generates traffic, drives sales, engages your customers, and gets your brand to rise above your competitors.

While entertaining content can attract your audience, people nowadays crave knowledge. They want more than just to feel amused--instead, they want to be informed and feel enriched, and the best way to do this is to provide them with instructional or how-to content.

How Does Instructional Content Help Engage Your Target Audience?

Instructional content does more than just capture attention, entertain, and boost SEO.

Creating this type of content might seem intimidating at first, especially if you are a new business owner, entrepreneur, or marketer. But if you want to take customer engagement to the next level, producing instructional content is your best way to go.

Let us help you give creating how-to pieces a try. In this article, we rounded up some helpful tips in writing instructional content that improves your business visibility and respect for your brand:

1. Do your research

Before you start creating content, it is vital that you have some background knowledge of what you should produce.

The first thing you need to do is do some content research. For starters, you can tap into your analytics or use other tools specifically designed for content creators. These tools will provide you with insights that will help you generate interesting topic ideas for your instructional content.

In addition, you can also encourage more interaction with your audience by using polls and quizzes on your posts on social media or on your website. This strategy levels up audience engagement while helping you figure out the type of how-to content they want to see from you.

2. Do your research

Creating engaging instructional content needs thorough planning. With an effective strategy, you will be able to produce content that informs, engages, ranks in search engines, and most importantly, inspires your audience to become more invested in your business.

After choosing your topics, determine which medium you need to use to execute your content. Keep in mind that most audiences are visual creatures, which is why they are more likely to engage with videos, images, and other visual formats than other types of medium.

3. Try creating a how-to series

Once you have successfully generated instructional content and how-to pieces, it is likely that you would run out of great topic ideas in the long run.

To avoid producing irrelevant content and put out how-to pieces that don’t generate leads, consider creating a how-to series about the content that has already captured your audience’s attention. This way, your content will be “digestible” and easier to understand, which can encourage the audience to engage and keep coming back for more.


Aside from capturing the attention of your target market, providing entertainment, and sharing key information, instructional or how-to content is essential in delivering your brand message and providing value to your audience.

Because of this, hiring a digital marketing team that you can count on is important. We offer low-cost content creation services, affordable copywriting, product descriptions, articles and blog posts, and more.

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